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You don’t fight something as big as breast cancer alone. You fight it together with a team.

2014 Lee National Denim Day Fundraising Tips

The most successful teams use a combined approach of individual and team fundraising. Top teams use varied techniques to raise funds. Below are some tips and ideas to help you get started.

  • Understand your target audience and identify something of value or interest to them.
  • Use the event website to promote your team fundraiser to other teams.
  • Be enthusiastic – it’s contagious.

Be creative, have fun, and ask everyone you know or meet to join your team in support of your efforts! The type of fundraiser you choose is only limited by your creativity and drive. Here are some examples:

  • Bake Sale – Hold a Friday bake sale at work so employees will have treats for the weekend. Ask for baked goods to be wrapped attractively so they can be given as gifts. Encourage healthy items as a part of your bake sale!
  • Turn Fun into Fundraising – Take a hobby, skill, or favorite activity and turn it into a fundraiser.
  • Sports Fanatic – Dedicate your next tailgate party to Denim Day. Ask your friends and family to make a donation.
  • All Wrapped Up – Do your friends envy your beautiful gift-wrapping skills? Turn it into a fundraiser. Tell your friends that, for a donation to your team, you’ll wrap the gifts for their next special occasion or holiday.
  • Ask Everyone You Meet – Even if you have sent out emails for online donations, carry a donation envelope with you. When you talk about you Denim Day team, you can ask people to donate on the spot. Indicate your own contribution at the top of your donation form. Make sure the top few donations on the form are significant, as other people are apt to follow suit.
  • Garage Sale – Ask your team members to clean out their attics, garages, and basements and bring items in for sale.
  • Office Competition – Up the competition and split your office into fundraising teams and incentivize each to raise the most money with prizes. Reward the winning team with a prize or fun event, including a special lunch, ice cream, social, or an early-leave day!
  • Pink the Office – Encourage and celebrate each donation by tying a pink balloon to each Denim Day participant’s office.
  • Raffle – Encourage participants to donate items for a Denim Day raffle. Raffle items could include movie night baskets, gift certificates for lunch, or an afternoon off!
  • Guess Who! – Ask all participants to bring in photos starring themselves from their childhood in denim. Hang up the photos in a centralized location and encourage everyone to view the photos throughout the day to guess who is who! The person with the most correct answers gets a prize!
  • Dunk Cancer – Have fun while raising money to eliminate breast cancer! Sell tickets to fun carnival type activities; for example, “Dunk Cancer” while dunking friends in a dunk tank!
  • Look-alike Contest – Encourage participants to dress like their favorite denim star, like James Dean in Lee or Bruce Springsteen in a sleeveless denim jacket.

Online fundraising is another way to ask those you know for their support of Denim Day.

Here are some tips for online fundraising success:

  • Email everyone in your address book. This is the most important step because you’ll only get a response if you ask. Many people respond to an electronic request much more quickly than if they have to write a check. It’s fast, it’s easy, and it helps save lives from cancer.
  • Ask your friends and followers on social media to donate to your team and join the cause!
  • Be sure to say thank you to those who donate online.
  • Always send a follow-up note to let each person know how their gift helped in your team’s overall fundraising success, the campaign’s fundraising total, and the fight against breast cancer.
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